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How to review a paper

Once you’ve agreed to complete a review, how do you approach the paper?

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What do you consider when deciding whether to accept an invitation to review a paper?
Article Review
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Review literature locate article study addressing a Criminal Justice Organization deals: Changes within a criminal justice organization: Community policing article review Lord, V. Small city community policing and citizen satisfaction. Policing, 32 4 , The research study was quantitative and used a comparative, longitudinal approach to analyzing the data. The authors noted that measuring changes…… [Read More].

Ready learn year , children America start school ready learn. Educational Excellence for All Children Act How does Louisiana measure up? The Act set six major goals for all schools. Sadly, the state of Louisiana has received a failing grade from a number of independent, objective review boards in relation to its ability to meet these six goals. The National Center for…… [Read More]. Relationships between mobbing at work and MMPI-2 personality profile, posttraumatic stress symptoms, and suicidal ideation and behavior.

Violence and Victims, 24 1 , One controversial question surrounding the phenomenon is the degree to which the victim's measured personality traits are the consequence of victimization or the cause. Traditionally, victims have been said to manifest a personality profile typical of a victim of PTSD such as flashbacks, social withdrawal, nightmares and thus their symptoms and scores on personality test were seen caused by the mobbing.

Management Book Review Author Profile. It was a revelation for the commodore. Synopsis The book is about leadership, but it is also about taking a tough situation and turning it completely around. The book is a metaphor for how managers who have brains, good listening skills, strategic competencies and flexibility -- and willing underlings -- can take a non-producing organization make it successful.

The key points in this book: Good managers lead by example Listening is more than just having open ears; a good manager has to have an open mind and truly hear what is being conveyed to him by anyone no matter how lowly the position within the organization Managers need to communicate their purpose and their vision to their teams A climate of trust must be created for any positive changes to occur Without taking calculated risks, not much will change for the better Strong managers know how to build up their…… [Read More].

Curriculum Reform Review Philosophy. At which point, students who are enrolled in the program will begin to see improvements in their mental attitudes and achievement scores.

Lindhold, However, there have been concerns that this program could often ignore Hispanic students who have trouble learning English. The reason why, is because a high percentage of Hispanic students have the highest dropout rates among all the different minorities. As a result, researchers found that Two Way Immersion programs help to improve the performance of Hispanic students who are English language learners.

The reason why, is because these programs reach out to them from a cultural perspective and it has the students pledge, to remain in school. This is significant, because it helps to give these students direction and assistance. At which point, they will begin to perform better in school, changing their mental attitudes.

Concert Review Stravinsky Rachmaninoff Shostakovich. Rachmaninoff's symphonic poem sounds somber and fatalistic: Stringed instruments set the ears of the listeners on edge as they hum on, like a warning -- making the climax of the buildup all the more starling. Each movement -- the first slow and lyrical, the second swifter and more playful, the third almost bracing in its quickness, and the fourth brooding and darker -- can seem complete in and of itself, but listened to as a whole unit, Symphony No.

The performance courageously shows all of these shades of emotion, without trying to soften Shostakovich's sense of darkness and ambiguity regarding the themes he raises,…… [Read More].

Music Review of Christmas on the Heights. It was night filled with joyous Christmas music directed by John Finney. The entire concert featured 18 well-known and well-loved Christmas songs. The auditorium was filled with honored guests who were eager to hear the Christmas selections. The Boston College University Symphony Orchestra was comprised of a rich variation of musical instruments such as the violins, cellos, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, and trombones.

This wide variation of instrumentation provided a musical presentation that captured the audience. The Harold Angels Sing," and "Hallelujah" were among the songs played by the orchestra.

These three particular songs were played very professionally and festively with a sound far above the quality of a typical orchestra. The balance of instrumentation,…… [Read More]. The Signs of Safety child protection practice model was adopted as a policy to create better outcomes for vulnerable children. The purpose of the model was to deepen the practice by applying principles and disciplines which affect the assessment, management and safety planning when working with children.

It was aimed at ensuring those who are new or relatively inexperienced to gain experience in working with children. It is grounded on improving the relationship between social workers and children and ensuring that child protection is done in a safety-organized fashion which helps families in building the safety of children. A major strength of the Signs of…… [Read More]. Renaissance Book Review Ivor B. This was even though he received no immediate remuneration, in terms of money or benefits, from developing such interests.

Leonardo's notebooks of this period of his life reveal a spirit of scientific inquiry and a mechanical inventiveness that were centuries ahead of his time. Ivor Hart makes it clear that Leonardo was far more than a great artist: Perhaps Leonardo's great talent was in observing -- he made careful, painstaking observations of the natural world, such as birds in flight. Such careful observations of the natural world are critical, of course, to the eye of a great artist. But Leonardo's eye enabled him to carry out research of precision as well as beauty, in science as well as art.

Perhaps the real paradox is how separate art and science have become in the modern construction of the disciplines. Integrating Critical as Well as. Eljamal; Stark; Arnold; Sharp, To conclude, it be said that if we will not be able to master imparting the capability to think in a developed form, our profession, as well as perhaps our world, would be influenced and taken over by someone who would be able to outsmart us to find it out. We would in that case not only remain thinking as to what happened but would also not have the skills required to provide answers to our own question.

Journal of Education for Business, 79 4. Retrieved from ProQuest database on February 20, Nursing Diagnosis, 12 2. Retrieved from Thomson Gale database on February 14, Assessing university students general and specific critical thinking. College Student…… [Read More]. The review will what the level of education is in Saudi Arabia now and historically, what efficacy critical thinking has as a component of nursing education and how that component can be enhanced among Saudi Arabian nurses.

There is significant documentation of this period which shows how the practice of nursing was carried out by Rufaida and others, but after that period a history of nursing…… [Read More]. Education Is One of the Critical Aspects. Education is one of the critical aspects in the society especially in the case of the United States.

The success of education relates to the ability of the relevant authority to adopt and integrate effective and efficient educational policy with the aim of addressing goals and targets in relation to elements of the society such as economy, politics, and social spheres.

It reflects one of the major federal laws essential in facilitating federal spending on relevant programs with the aim of supporting K schooling.

NCLB educational policy should focus on integration of new qualification standards for teachers, concentrate on the improvement of schools, as well as include higher-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Summary of…… [Read More]. John Hamm in the Harvard Business Review. This will be followed up by a two page analytical report comparing and contrasting the content of the Hamm article to selected principles, concepts or theories in chapters 10 through 13 in the our text book, Management of Organizational Behavior.

In "The Five Messages He holds that any leader has just one job. This is inspiring his followers to make a difference and a better future for the organization. Effective communication skills are a critical tool that is needed for the accomplishment of this task. In Hamm's summation, business need to employ leadership in the way a SWAT team or an emergency staff organizes itself.

Everyone knows what to do and time is analyzed efficiently to its fullest potential. For a leader to inspire your their workforce followers, Hamm to greatness, suggests absolutely clear communication regarding the following five topics: Antenatal Education Systematic Review Antenatal education programms In pregnant women, how does group antenatal education compare to no antenatal education or individual antenatal education for improving outcomes of childbirth and parenting?

In pregnant women, how does group antenatal education compare to no antenatal education or individual antenatal education for improving outcomes of childbirth and parenting?

Antenatal education programs are key in improving maternal health all over the world. They have been widely embraced in most developed countries where antenatal education programs are routinely provided as part of antenatal care. They are associated with benefit such as increased knowledge of labor and childbirth, parent-child attachment, reduced anxiety and depression, and increased knowledge of parenthood.

They often involve several scheduled sessions with a facilitator or care provider often a trained patient educator, midwife, or general practitioner that last about 1 -- 2 hours and focus on different aspects of labor, childbirth, and…… [Read More]. Resiliency Literature Review on Resiliency This paper will discus a literature review on resiliency. In order for us to better understand the contents of this research, let us first define and understand what the term resiliency means.

Resiliency in this paper will be associated on matters regarding the psychological and behavioral capacity or condition of children and adolescents. Rak and Patterson in their study Promoting Resilience in At-Risk Children, indicates Hauser and his colleagues' definition of resiliency as the capacity of those who are exposed to identifiable risk factors to overcome those risks and avoid negative outcomes such as delinquency and behavioral problems, psychological maladjustment, academic difficulties, and physical complications.

The stage of adolescence is considered as the phase where the psychological and behavioral foundation of an adolescent is formed causing a large effect on his individuality in the span of his life's maturity. These foundations can be affected…… [Read More].

Human Resources as Critical Investments. To support this exploration, the terms "human capital," "human assets" and "intellectual capital" will be discussed, on the merits of each specific term as well as in relation to one another. Finally a conclusion will be drawn that determines if human resources should be viewed as any or all of the above terms, and if HR managers should utilize them as critical investments in an organization's future.

To begin, the overarching term "human resources management HRM " must be understood. HRM essentially is an all-encompassing term that refers to how an organization's human resources are used to achieve the organization's overall objectives or strategic directions. HRM includes a continuum of activities that can be compartmentalized into seven categories: Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Lutes, Michael and Larsen, Nathan Focus on: Clinical Practice and Management March Teaching 8th grade science is a component of the foundation for high school biology, chemistry and physics which are essentially college preparatory courses.

Science in the 8th grade within this district is taught in a lecture classroom adjacent to a laboratory with benches and equipment. The curriculum covers primarily the hard physical sciences of chemistry and physics with associated laboratory experiments and experimental write ups.

Students are expected to focus on application of concepts that apply concrete, but difficult-to-visualize ideas to experiments so that the principles covered within…… [Read More]. Learning Literature Review Autonomy Mastery. Toyota has specifically created the TPS to break down the organizational barriers between suppliers and create a more effective approach at managing knowledge workflows between suppliers and also with Toyota itself. To accomplish this, Toyota actually works with suppliers to re-engineer their internal learning processes, making available a system integration team that is responsible for creating the necessary process integration links within and between suppliers Dyer, Nobeoka This integration of processes within suppliers and just Toyota itself can take up to a year or longer, and when overlaid to the broader supplier network, it can take easily up to eighteen months to two years.

All of this effort and investment made by Toyota however is focused on transforming knowledge of processes and quality standards into a competitive advantage. Toyota is unique in that it's open nurturing of suppliers and the continual investment in cross-supplier collaboration Amasaka, Sakai, They had students complete a number of different tests.

The authors noted that while there was a correlation between the scores of the different tests, that these scores and the correlation did not improve over the course of the semester. They suggest that "critical thinking assignments did not have a positive effect on either formal thought or critical thinking skills. They sought to basically examine this by studying the issue on a before-and-after basis. The literature review covers a variety of subjects.

It begins with a definition of critical thinking, which includes "evaluating the sources of information, challenging assumptions,…… [Read More]. Change Review in the Business. There is no acknowledgement that leaders may indeed be flexible according to the situation and followers that they are dealing with. The Path-Goal Theory The path-goal theory is one of the most flexible and popular models used in the changing business world today.

It allows for an integration of various styles, personalities and situations. He is however, not entirely against the invention of computers or the fact that computers have some added advantage on them but when it comes to reading; the fact that there are so many things one can do on the computer makes it a major distraction and attention thief. For this reason, scholars who read off from computer screens end up getting way less than they should be. On the second essay, the author also uses personal allusion to come up with the article.

His introduction, just like the first reading is catchy and uses stylistic devices such as monologue and use of rhetorical questions to entice the reader. Unlike the first writer who tells us why reading off computers is unadvisable, this one hits the nail on the head by addressing the problem first. Of course, this is a more effective way of reaching and convincing the target audience. He uses a personal experience which is conversant and everyone can relate to.

Although this goes against the unspoken basic writing rules, the writer cannot be faulted as he drives his point home just fine. Just like the first author, he uses practical examples. For instance he talks of how unable he was to open the emails before getting text messages and phone calls almost simultaneously. He calls for the readers to make inferences such as the effect of distractions.

He goes and explains in details why distractions are negative and how they affect the human brain. For instance, at some point he digressed and expounded on the anatomy and physiology of the human brain. He talks of the language channel of the brain and how task specific it is. The author goes ahead and criticizes multitasking by referring to it as a myth. The level of language used by both authors is simple language hence increasing the scope of readers without having to go through much hustle.

However, the second author stresses on distractions and evaluates them in detail as compared to the first author who touches lightly on these distractions and emphasizes on technology and screen compatibility issues. In conclusion, both writers are convincing in their articles about the limitations and disadvantages of reading off from computers.

Modal verbs and other expressions are used to express degrees of certainty and probability from high to low. Writers use modality to present ideas as opinions rather than facts. Here an adverbial clause can be used to describe a circumstance that is in contrast or unfavourable to another circumstance. In academic writing, concessive clauses are one way there are others! This does not weaken your critique; rather it can show balance and fairness in your analysis.

Though by no means the first empiricist among the Greek philosophers, Aristotle stood out among his contemporaries for the meticulous care with which he worked. Skip to main content. Sign on Search Menu.

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The Assignment The critical review paper is not meant to be a difficult or onerous assignment. Your paper should be three double spaced pages in length (i.e., about words), not including the title page.

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Mar 21,  · How to Write a Critical Analysis Four Parts: Conducting a Critical Reading Writing an Effective Analysis Organizing the Review Sample Analyses Community Q&A A critical analysis examines an article or other work to determine how effective the piece is at making an argument or point%(89). Read the critical review essay example. The two articles are similar in that the speakers draw their personal experiences.

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The Critical Review 5 i) The Purpose of the Critical Review 5 ii) The Content of the Critical Review 6 3. Meeting the Assessment Criteria 7 4. Overall, this paper has provided a Read More. Words 4 Pages. Popular Essays. Overcoming Obesity with Busy Parents; Tv Proposal Example. Sample Extracts. Here is a sample extract from a critical review of an article. Only the introduction and conclusion are included. We thank Suwandi Tijia for allowing us to use his critical review in this resource. [1] Essay and assignment writing. Essay .