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I didn't know that was how it worked. I thought I signed up for a single use. Very professional and I had forgotten to cancel my subscription and they waived the fee. I am soo happy theywaived the fee since I had forgotten. The site had all the tools necessary to create the best resume! It was fast and easy. The live chat feature was epic, Dan is the man! He assisted me and was a pleasure to speak with.

Ten out of Ten stars. Ability to do the impossible and face my fears There is no place to despair in my life away from the pretense of idealism but this I am. They were very polite and very easy to talk to They were also very respectful They told me everything that I needed to know and they were very fast at responding.

I have tried to get them to remove it but they refuse every time with multiple excuses why they will not refund. My only option is to close my debit card. This company is legitimately the worst. It took 40 minutes of online chatting to finally get a refund and they kept pushing all of their other subscriptions on me time and time again. They helped with billing issues and are very kind: I preferred to use the chat box, it gets help faster and easier and I would recommend for you to do the same.

It was a quick and easy transaction. The subscription details are in very fine print - luckily I spotted them. Had some trouble getting the templates to work but it was otherwise smooth sailing and an easy download. Customer service was very very pushy when I tried to cancel my subscription before the first billing.

I dont need a CV service all year, thank you - I only update it once every year or so. Would benefit from a one off service. Dont be so insistent with the subscription plan - I ended up threatening to seek legal action if they didnt just cancel my subscription before they stopped.

The "lets talk" section was quite helpful though. Great service but I no longer have any use for using it that is why I discontinued ResumeHelp. The customer service personnel I spoke with this morning was a lot of help and he provided outstanding service. The resume was beautiful and the 14 day trial price was good, but when I went on the chat to try to cancel the man was very insistent.

Thanks Zac for that Microsoft word tip. I think the website is useful and the resumes are perfect. This is far too expensive seeing as most people update their resume very infrequently. The site makes it very difficult to unsubscribe as well.

I replied to an email that said I could reply to unsubscribe, yet the email was a no reply email and I was charged 25 dollars that month and I had to call customer service and it took pretty long to finally cancel my sub, and I'm not sure I'm fully cancelled yet because the confirmation emails they sent me are confusing.

So if you need a resume and you dont have a computer with Microsoft Word then the site is brilliant. Just make sure unsubscribe right away.

Overall, I was happy with the ease of use of the website as well as the variety of templates. Unfortunately, when printed, they turned out very poor. The titles in "bold" printed out the same font as the rest of the resume.

I tried multiple templates and had the same issue. I was embarrassed to submit the resume, so I ended up creating my own which consumed even more time. As a result, I will not use, or recommend this service. Be careful the "free" resume for a few dollars turns into a subscription! Not really the money but the immoral practice of swindling people out of their money that really makes me angry! My issues were resolved in under 5 minutes. The representative was very polite and helpful.

One of the smoothest customer service experiences I've ever had. Putting the resume together was fast and easy. I canceled just like the app said to do then I get an email saying my account was activated so I try live chat only to have that person disconnect the chat. So I decided to call and your call center person needs to learn to let the other person talk!!!! He just kept babbling until I finally cut in and gave him my cancellation then he kept on some more till I just hung up.

They will give the absolute run around. I had them tell me they had no re it's of me being a customer, even with my account details. Discussion Any advice would be appreciated self. Geosciences to Data Analyst self. Trying to apply for new jobs, graphic design related. I could really use your help. Discussion Looking for resume advice for a Dock Worker position self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Need help writing your resume? Site offers over + free resume examples and templates, format tips and tricks and resume writing articles provided by our professional writing partners. Resume examples are categorized by industry and cover all .

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i Love getting assistance with writing a resume, it had been a while, and needed help getting my resume updated, love all the professional styles to choose from, super easy to format, and download. I must admit that i am a little tech challenged so i found this site extremely beneficial.

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These articles, Build a Resume in 7 Easy Steps and Top 10 Resume Writing Tips, help to take the mystery out of the process and will give you the tools you need to present yourself, your experience. The experts from Monster’s Resume Writing Service will revamp your resume (and cover letter) for a small fee. Within 5 business days, you’ll receive a resume that’s: Unique to you and highlights your particular skills, experiences, and value.