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❶If the value of currency of a particular country is increased due to an increase in interest rate one can expect the terms of trade to improve. While our baseline scenario keeps [

terms of trade

Terms of trade
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English I want finally to say a little about the consequences in terms of trade policy. English If you do not have a social conscience, I would ask you to think in terms of trade. English Such a regime will get us much further — also in climate terms — than trade sanctions. English This is irrespective of how fair the European negotiating position is in terms of trade. English To give you an example: English I am talking about a price in terms of money, in terms of trade and in terms of arms supplies.

English And here is a Stone Age version of his story, although he told it in terms of trade between countries. English In terms of trade and agriculture, in particular, the European policy is in conflict with the development policy. English That was not a big issue for the United States and not a big issue in terms of trade , but it was very important.

English I am not talking only in terms of trade. English You get more money because your terms of trade have improved, but also that drives up output across the board.

Today Adapazari; different cultures of people living in earthquake-although again the traditional way of life while maintaining the peace and. Heute Adapazari, verschiedene Kulturen der Menschen in Erdbeben-obwohl wieder die traditionelle Lebensweise unter Beibehaltung des Friedens. In this resolution, an appeal was made to the EU Commission and the governments. The improvem en t s in terms of trade t h at started to [ Die Verbe ss erun g de r Konditionen , die sich b ereits [ In earlier Reports the Institutes have proposed that for wage negotiations the trend growth rate in labour productivity should be reduced slightly, and only that part of the inflation.

It was noted that the economic reform programmes on which the countries of central and eastern Europe have embarked, including the liberalisation of prices and markets and the introduction of currency convertibility, are. Es wurde festgestellt, dass die Wirtschaftsreformprogramme, die die Laender in Mittel- und Osteuropa eingeleitet haben und die eine Liberalisierung der Preise und Maerkte sowie die Einfuehrung konvertibler Waehrungen einschliessen, auf neue.

Above a l l in terms of t h e trade w i th used electronic and electric equipment, quality [ Without totally excluding the possibility of improving market access through a. Since their last meeting at Ministerial level on July 4, the international economic environment within which the countries of central and eastern Europe are pursuing their policies of economic stabilisation,.

Seit ihrer letzten Sitzung auf Ministerebene vom 4. Juli hat sich das internationale wirtschaftliche Umfeld, in dem die Laender Mittel- und Osteuropas ihre Politik der wirtschaftlichen Stabilisierung und strukturellen Anpassung sowie den uebergang. Force majeure is equalled by meas ur e s in terms of m o ne tary pol ic y , trade p o li cy and other sovereign measures, strikes, lockouts, malfunctions [ In other regions too, the drop in prices for basic commodities and the simultaneous increase in prices for many imported goods.

This means that success depends not only on the economic, political and institutional reforms the Arab countries must adopt, but also on effective support from the EU, increased foreign direct. The Berne Union supports the international acceptance of "sound principles of. In t h e EU, the agricult ur a l terms of trade f o r remained [ Another important fa ct o r in t h is context is the fact that t h e terms of trade f o r developing countries have deteriorated [ We only pass on customer account and personal data when we are legally obliged to do so or.

As well as showing. For example, if an economy is only exporting apples and only importing oranges, then the terms of trade are simply the price of apples divided by the price of oranges — in other words, how many oranges can be obtained for a unit of apples. Since economies typically export and import many goods, measuring the TOT requires defining price indices for exported and imported goods and comparing the two. A rise in the prices of exported goods in international markets would increase the TOT, while a rise in the prices of imported goods would decrease it.

For example, countries that export oil will see an increase in their TOT when oil prices go up, while the TOT of countries that import oil would decrease. In the simplified case of two countries and two commodities, terms of trade is defined as the ratio of the total export revenue [ clarification needed ] a country receives for its export commodity to the total import revenue it pays for its import commodity. In this case the imports of one country are the exports of the other country.

When this number is falling, the country is said to have "deteriorating terms of trade". When doing longitudinal time series calculations, it is common to set a value for the base year [ citation needed ] to make interpretation of the results easier. In basic microeconomics , the terms of trade are usually set in the interval between the opportunity costs for the production of a given good of two nations.

Terms of trade is the ratio of a country's export price index to its import price index, multiplied by The terms of trade measures the rate of exchange of one good or service for another when two countries trade with each other.

In the more realistic case of many products exchanged between many countries, terms of trade can be calculated using a Laspeyres index. In this case, a nation's terms of trade is the ratio of the Laspeyre price index of exports to the Laspeyre price index of imports.

The Laspeyre export index is the current value of the base period exports divided by the base period value of the base period exports. Similarly, the Laspeyres import index is the current value of the base period imports divided by the base period value of the base period imports.

Terms of trade should not be used as synonymous with social welfare, or even Pareto economic welfare.

Terms of Trade

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Terms of trade refers to the relative price of exports in terms of imports and is defined as the ratio of export prices to import prices. It can be interpreted as the amount of import goods an economy can purchase per unit of export goods.

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Economic theory holds that at the aggregate level the growth of real wages are determined by labour productivity growth, a relationship mediated by the labour's share of output and labour's terms of trade (the price of output relative to the price of goods that workers consume).

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Definition of terms of trade from the Collins English Dictionary The to infinitive and the -ing form The to infinitive and the -ing form(the present participle) can each be used after certain verbs. Dictionary apps. Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words.

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New Zealand's terms of trade fell for a sixth consecutive quarter to their lowest level in three years in the fourth quarter as weaker dairy prices weighed on exports and outpaced a . The terms of trade (TOT) is the relative price of imports in terms of exports and is defined as the ratio of export prices to import prices. It can be interpreted as the amount of import goods an economy can purchase per unit of export goods.