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Finance and Accounting Dissertation Topics

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❶Comparison between sales price, debt-equity and book market value of equity in analyzing stock returns.

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Possible MBA Finance Thesis Topics
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MBA Dissertation Topics in Finance

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Please, enter email address. Writing Paraphrasing Editing Proofreading Formatting. Please accept our Terms. Your message has been successfully sent! We will get back to you soon. You should know by now that the field of finance is a very complex field at the same time very wide.

You have to compare variants, find some interesting researches and think about the literature you can use. To help you with your MBA finance thesis topic, here is a list of some possible MBA finance thesis topics you may want to consider:. A comparative study The impact of money supply on economic growth in Japan and Korea Determinants of inter-banking success in Malaysia Trade impact on land-locked countries: The case of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia The role of mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector A comparative analysis of Islamic and non-Islamic banks in Dubai.

Assessment of market movements in on Nigerian stock prices New international treaties and their impact on markets in Algeria Changes in government structure affects the prices of natural gas in Mexico Examining the effects of short stocks on overall portfolio performance Enabling faster access to finance information through mobile platforms A novel model for predicting effective value of stocks within an hour range Understanding the financial system of modernizing Rwandan tribes The contribution of visa holders to large Fortune companies: A comprehensive overview A review of investment strategies affected by data breaches in The security of financial transactions in the wake of Snakehead Cyberattack Integrating encryption strategies with differing worldwide standards Cultural differences in financial risks and services in New York City Assessment of effectiveness of different mortgage refinance techniques in East Harlem Modeling the effects of hurricane relief on credit card spending in Louisiana Unmasking the debt-to-income ratio model: Remember me next time.

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Possible MBA Finance Thesis Topics You should know by now that the field of finance is a very complex field at the same time very wide. To help you with your MBA finance thesis topic, here is a list of some possible MBA finance thesis topics you may want to consider: One of the most common requirements is the length of the essay and depends on the institution.

However, the structure of the paper remains the same: Return enhancers, risk diversifiers or both? Internet banking offers personal and business clients the ease of managing banking and financial enquires from the comfort of their home or office. Online banking has become a lifeline for those who cannot leave the house, live in rural areas where access to banks can be limited, or simply have no time to visit their nearest bank.

Moreover, the evidence suggests that internet banking services have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, enhance demonetisation of the economy and contribute towards improved flow of funds within the economy. Are we ready for demonetization of the economy? Is there a relationship? Youth versus elderly population comparison.

The banking industry throws up an interesting conundrum. Unlike the manufacturing industries, it does not cause detrimental effects such as pollution, however, the financial sector impacts almost everyone in the modern world in terms of financial stability. Given that banks are responsible for managing money of depositors, this has wide socio-economic implications for the society through the way they conduct their financial products and services.

Therefore, corporate social responsibility becomes an integral part of corporate management strategy in banking industry. Although the key objective of a banking sector is to earn maximum profits for shareholders or owners, it is expected that they conduct their operations in a manner to fulfil their social obligations towards society.

Topics of Corporate Social Responsibility of the banking industry that may be used for a finance dissertation are:. Is it complex enough to overcome the next crunch? The Federal Reserve System has established a banking risk framework that consists of six risk factors: With the growing importance of maintaining a standard approach in accounting practices across EU nations and other countries of the world, the emerging accounting standards have raised a number of questions on existing practices across various organisations.

It is interesting to see how these emerging standards get adopted by various organisations across the world. What is convergence and whether there is any likelihood of convergence between the EU and the US? Implications for big organisations. The awareness of accounting practices is an important issue being dealt with in organisations around the world. The perception around the accounting practices and various biases need to be investigated and controlled to make the practices more dynamic and responsible for society in general.

Accounting topics for your finance dissertation are suggested below:. A comparison of EU and UK organisations. A comparison of Asian and European organisations.

Does ethics get enough attention? Representation, truth and annual reports. A case study within the banking industry. The increasing number of scandals in recent times has raised several questions regarding ethical practices in accounting. The issue not only requires further studies to understand the existing practices and the scope of improvement, but also a culture of adapting the ethical practices within the organisations serving citizens of the nations.

An Insight into ethics and the banking profession. An expansion of Corporate Social Responsibility discourse. An unnecessary and difficult goal?

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Finance Dissertation Topics - FREE and excellent Finance & Accounting dissertation topics for your Masters or Bachelor degree proposal and dissertation.

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MBA Thesis Topics in Finance Download here more finance MBA dissertation topics! Tips on How to Write MBA Thesis in Finance. As the seminal paper of your Master’s education, the MBA Thesis in Finance is very important in showcasing your knowledge of the field as well as your ability to effectively communicate these ideas to an audience of 5/5.

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An MBA thesis requires students to come up with research topics for their dissertation and choosing dissertation topics for MBA finance is not easy but fulfilling. There is nothing to worry about because there are a lot of possible MBA finance dissertation topics.5/5. Studying Finance in Undergraduate, MBA or PhD? These finance dissertation topics examples can help you make your own dissertation topic in finance.

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Picking Interesting Dissertation Topics In Finance: Great Suggestions Writing a dissertation in finance may be a challenging task. This subject is rather difficult, but it’s interesting too. Mar 13,  · Important Projects Topics in Finance mbalectures December 10, December 3, Comments A researcher must know two important things before the selection of research/thesis topic.