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Effects on Equilibrium in the Short and Long Run

Economic Profit and Economic Loss

❶Theory of Consumer Behavior.

Long run competitive equilibrium in an economy with production

9.3 Perfect Competition in the Long Run

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Long-Run Effects on Equilibrium In the short-run, increases (decreases) in demand in a competitive market will cause prices and output to increase (decrease). In the long-run, increases (decreases) in .

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B. long-run equilibrium: In the long run the monopolist has the time to expand his plant, or to use his existing plant at any level which will maximize his profit. With entry blocked, however, it is not necessary for the monopolist to reach an optimal scale (that is, to build up his plant until he reaches the minimum point of the LAC).

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The long-run equilibrium price equals $ So the firm earns zero economic profit by producing units of output at a price of $60 in the long run. Firms have no difficulty moving into or out of a perfectly competitive market. Long run competitive equilibrium in an economy with production Basic theory In the long run firms can enter and exit the industry. Theory: A situation is a long run equilibrium if no firm in the industry wants to leave no potential firm wants to enter.

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The Long-Run Equilibrium of the Firm under Perfect Competition! The long run is a period of time which is sufficiently long to allow the firms to make changes in all factors of production. In the long run, all factors are variable and none fixed. The firms, in the long run, can increase their output. The Long-Run Equilibrium under Monopoly! In the long run monopolist would make adjustment in the size of his plant. The long-run average cost curve and its corresponding long-run marginal cost curve portray the alternative plants, i.e., various plant sizes from which the firm has to choose for.