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Of mice and Men theme- friendship Essay

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The novel, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, exhibits many forms of these two-way relationships, the strongest, between the characters George and Lennie, and the other friendships between Crooks and Lennie, and George and Slim.

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The mutual relationship between George and Lennie is a genuine friendship between two very different men. Lennie, a mentally handicapped, big man with stand out features and George, the small little tough guy, with the brains and great leadership skills.

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Of Mice and Men-Friendship and Lonliness. Of Mice and Men- Friendship and loneliness The theme of friendship and loneliness plays a large role in laying out the story. It can be seen on varying levels from the start of the story. Friendship, Life, and Nature: Of Mice and Men Essay examples Words 9 Pages John Steinbeck is an author that creates an illusion of life in animalistic terms.

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Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on Of Mice and Men for You! In the novel there are two main characters, Lennie and George who are friends. Lennie is a simple chap who has the mind of a child; George feels a need to look after Lennie and so takes on the role of a protective parent. Friendship is also something taken for granted. It is the feeling of safety and a sense of belonging. True friendships are not easy and hard to find. In the novel Of Mice of Men, John Steinbeck describes the difficulty of friendship owing to unsuccessful and stressful ranch life.