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❶Israel invades neighboring areas and seizes large swaths of land. Had Finder found a more reasonable end, I would have easily given the book five glowing stars, but the end he chose made me want to toss the book out the window.

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Truth be told, this is a relatively accurate assessment. Though "anti-choice" is a silly and dishonest moniker to apply to those who oppose abortion, they've correctly identified our most fundamental goal.

Abort73 exists to eliminate abortion through education, not to eliminate breast cancer. That doesn't mean we don't care about breast cancer. Of course, we care about breast cancer! Of course, we want to see it eliminated, but this is not a website about breast cancer.

It's a website about abortion. Why do we bring up such a disputed issue at all? Becasue, as abortion advocates love to point out, abortion is a complicated decision that women don't make lightly. If someone is teetering on the edge of indecision, we want to offer her every possible reason to choose against abortion. Though a woman may have no moral objection to killing a tiny embryo or fetus, she may well have a practical objection to compromising her own health. We do not say that having an abortion causes breast cancer.

We do say that there is broad evidence that abortion may be a significant risk factor. Saying all that, we've laid our cards on the table. We've admitted our bias, which is something the National Abortion Federation seems entirely unwilling to do. They make no allowance for the mere possibility that abortion has a causal connection to breast cancer. Perhaps they're doing exactly what they accuse "anti-choice activists" of.

Namely, caring more about the abortion issue than they do about women's health? Is it possible they're more concerned about protecting the sacred rite of abortion than they are about honestly considering the evidence? If there is uncertainty, doesn't it make more sense to error on the side of avoiding a suspected risk factor? Doesn't it make more sense to let women know that abortion may increase their risk of breast cancer? Wouldn't that be a course of action more consistent with the promotion of women's health?

For decades now, Dr. Warren Hern has been "one of the few doctors in America to specialize in late abortion. These are some of the remarks he makes about the potential for uterine damage in his textbook, Abortion Practice:.

In medical practice, there are few surgical procedures given so little attention and so underrated in its potential hazard as abortion. Perforation of the uterus with bowel injury does not in itself cause death immediately. Perforation of the uterus that lacerates a uterine artery can result in death in a short time, however. Medical abortions , considered less invasive to the uterus than surgical abortions, can still require surgical intervention.

They were surprised to find that though only two perforations had been noted at the time of procedure, the laparoscope revealed twelve additional perforations, resulting in an actual perforation rate of Iams, MD, they quote Dr.

Contrary to common belief, population-based studies, have found that elective pregnancy terminations in the first and second trimesters are associated with a very small but apparently real increase in the risk of subsequent spontaneous preterm birth PTB. Number one, since there are studies showing a significant association between abortion and subsequent preterm birth and "just about none to the contrary," why is the link between abortion and PTB "contrary to common belief"?

It is now The bulletin that was released in to replace earlier versions, "did not repeat this egregious misinformation. Years before this more recent debate about abortion and preterm birth, the Centers for Disease Control CDC released a study on ectopic pregnancies, showing that from , there was a threefold increase in the rate of ectopic pregnancy in the U.

The number of ectopic pregnancies in the U. Abortion advocates frequently argue that abortion is safer than giving birth. They say this because they deny that abortion is a risk factor for breast cancer , they deny the existence of anything like post-abortion stress syndrome , and they reference data indicating that a higher percentage of women die giving birth than die having an abortion.

For women who had an abortion within the last year, her mortality rate goes up to On the other hand, women who miscarried during the last year had a mortality rate of only Women who had given birth within the last year had a mortality rate of only In other words, statistics show that women who give birth are significantly less likely to die of "all natural causes" than women who have an abortion.

And these numbers do not include Dr. Joel Brind's opinion referenced above that hundreds of thousands of breast cancer deaths could fairly be classified as abortion-related. Their most recent " Abortion Surveillance " report, dated February 25, but only providing data through the year , indicates that six women died from abortion complications in One was the result of a medical abortion. The other five were the result of surgical abortions. Three more deaths were reported to be potentially related to abortion, but the CDC concluded that these deaths were not a direct result of abortion.

A comprehensive report on pregnancy mortality has not been released since February 21, , covering the years It's safe to assume that more abortion-related, maternal deaths happen in California than anywhere else as well. Yugoslavia and East Timor. A World Trade Center Postscript. Invading and Occupying Iraq — A Postscript. Purpos e and Disclaimer. Not many Americans will find this essay an enjoyable read, but that is not its purpose. I am an accountant by profession, not a historian, political scientist, economist, or scientist, and this essay should to be read with that in mind.

The radicalizing experience of pursuing alternative energy woke me up to the extent that I created this website. This essay is not just an exercise in scholarship, but also tells what it has been like to be an American while my nation throws its weight around. Please do not take my word for anything, but find out for yourself what is true for you.

This essay was written during the USA's war against Iraq, which really began in , and the essay was originally finished in the summer of It is partly a historical document of what it was like to live in those times, and was rather dated in ways in , when I revised it.

My energy and the human journey essay , published in , will be periodically updated, but this essay likely will not be revised much in the future. This essay was partially intended as an antidote to nationalism, and I believe that it gets the point across, and continuing to chart the decline of the American Empire holds little interest for me, as I am after bigger game and only have so many hours in a day and years in a life. This essay contains many names and dates. This timeline presents events related to this site, with links to pertinent parts of it, and some Wikipedia links.

Behaviorally modern humans appear and a group of about leave Africa and colonize the rest of Earth. First inhabitants of British Isles arrive. Extinction of most large mammals in North America. Large mammals become extinct in South America , which was not covered in a continental ice sheet. Hunter-gatherer lifestyle is increasingly unsustainable.

Domestication Revolution begins in Fertile Crescent and the Americas. Wheat, peas and olives domesticated in Fertile Crescent. Squash and pumpkins first domesticated in Mesoamerica. Civilization begins forming in the Fertile Crescent. Metallurgy first practiced near mountains of Eastern Europe. Stratification of early society begins, with elites - priest class, craftsmen, rulers and probably the first medical doctors.

Mass warfare begins in Sumer. Horse domesticated in steppe region north of Black Sea. Llama and Alpaca domesticated in South America. Migrating farm ers from Fertile Crescent settle Indus valley in present day Pakistan. Bronze age begins in Fertile Crescent.

The wheel is invented in Mesopotamia. By this time, corn, potatoes, manioc, beans and turkeys are domesticated in the Americas. State bureaucracy and military establishment are developed.

Plow agriculture begins in Fertile Crescent. The Pacific Northwest marine-based culture begins fully developing, from southern Alaska to Northern California. Camel first domesticated near Fertile Crescent. Rice paddy system of China grows. Migr ation wave of pastoral societies from steppe regions generally between the Caspian and Black Seas into the Fertile Crescent, India, and Europe. Intense deforestation of the region from Morocco to Afghanistan commences.

Fields turn white from salt. Sumer declines as a power , and the center of Mesopotamian civilization shifts north. A four hundred year period of chaos and warfare begins to sweep Europe, the Fertile Crescent, and Mediterranean region. The violent, male sky-gods come to dominate religion, including one named Jehovah. The Aryan pastoral tribes of the steppe regions invasion of India leads to their caste system; the invaders are the favored class.

First iron age begins in Anatolia, Balkans, or Caucasus. Iron weapons rapidly replace bronze and become common throughout Europe, the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, and elsewhere. The feminine-friendly Minoan civilization on Crete collapses , as does Mycenaean civilization not long afterward.

Agriculture coll apses in central Mesopotamia due to soil salination. Although male gods dominated Greek mythology, women were also present, if subservient.

The Greeks make the first heat-treated iron weapons. Republic of Rome begins, which takes power away from local kings. The Roman republic tries balancing the needs of peasants and aristocrats. Etruscan civilization is at its peak influence, to eventually fall to neighboring states. Persians sack and nearly destroy Athens. Themistocles, and later Pericles, rebuilds Athens into a great city. At its height, of its , inhabitants, only 50, were citizens men.

The rest were women, slaves, and foreigners. Roman law codified on twelve wooden tablets. The laws make men the absolute rulers of family households, giving them the authority to sell their children into slavery, among other rights. Peak of the Greek classic period. Hippocrates , Socrates, Thucydides, and Aristophanes are alive. By the time of Jesus, Etruscan culture was almost completely absorbed into Roman culture. The short-lived Macedonian Empire helps pave the way for the Roman Empire.

After subduing Ita ly, Rome engages in its first war against Carthage. Rome defeats the forces of Carthaginian general Hannibal, ending the second Punic War.

Lion and leopard are extinct in Greece and coastal regions of Asia Minor. Beaver is extinct in northern Greece due to trapping. Rome invades and conquers Greece. Rome would incorporate much of Greek culture into its own, borrowing its gods and technology. Greek resistance to Roman rule leads to the complete destruction of Corinth and the sale of its inhabitants into slavery. That same year, Rome does the same to Carthage. Rome begins h anding out free food.

Intensive agricultural exploitation of imperial lands are undertaken to feed the empire. After a century of bitter civil war, the Roman Republic ends with the naming of Augustus Caesar as the first Roman Emperor.

Much of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and surrounding regions are deforested by Rome, eventually turning it into desert. They populate the Greater Antilles in the millions by , and are loosely known as the Taino. Rome was forced by the population loss to recruit barbarian troops. The first mass conversions to Christianity were apparently a consequence of the epidemic. Roman Emperor Constantine convenes the Council of Nicea, his gambit to hold the fragmenting empire together through a state religion.

Hun invasion of Roman Empire stopped by a great battle in France. Hundreds of thousands die in battle. Western Roman Empire falls. The Eastern Roman Empire lasts nearly continually for the next 1, years, with Constantinople earlier named Byzantium and later Istanbul as its capital city.

Europe, however, fell into its Dark Ages. Mesoamerican em pire centered in city of Teotihuacan begins its collapse, to be replaced in power by the militaristic Toltecs, similar to the way empires rose and fell in the Fertile Crescent. Islamic armies invade the Iberian Peninsula. Jews live under Moorish rule in Iberia , and it is their golden age in Europe, lasting for years. May an civilization begins its collapse. It attained a peak population of several million, before its overtaxed environment failed to support the population.

Famine, war and disease accompanied the collapse of the Mayan population to perhaps a million before CE, similar to Fertile Crescent dynamics. The forest recovers and covers the Mayan ruins. Charlemagne tries to create a new Western Roman Empire, with a unity of church and state.

The Holy Roman Empire lasted until Napoleon. Vik ings begin raiding the British Isles, and some settle in France and become the Normans. Others go inland and become the Russians. They may have driven Irish monks from Iceland before them to North America. In Iceland, the Vikings are unable to easily plunder neighboring lands and quickly become a peaceful people, engaging in trade. Umayyad dynasty ends in Moorish Iberia, and fractures into mutually hostile, petty kingdoms.

William the Conqueror leads the Norman invasion of Great Britain. Islamic preachers incite anti-Jew riot in Granada , which kills about 5, Jews. Christian conquest of Toledo , which introduces European scholars to the ancient Greek writings via Islam. The introduction of the Greek writings leads to humanism, the Renaissance and Protestant Revolution. Christian Europe makes its first united act: The first wide-scaled Jew slaughters in Europe take place as a warm-up for the first Crusade, in France and Germany.

Mesoamerican Toltec city of Tula is destroyed, probably due to major drought and population migrations that led to war. Incan people conquer the land around Lake Titicaca, the first step in their empire building.

Human hunters render large mammals on Madagascar extinct. Islamic peoples are devastated by the Mongol invasion, and Islam begins its decline as a social force. The Catholic Church eliminates the greatest threat to its religious monopoly, until Martin Luther posts his Ninety-Five Theses in Medieval Warm Period ending. Polynesian people begin colonizing New Zealand. His account deeply influences European merchants. Europe is gripped by major famine that lasts until They are known as the Mexica, and eventually form the Aztec Empire.

England and France begin the Years War. Originally invented in China several centuries earlier, gunpowder for weaponry begins to be manufactured in England and Germany at about this time.

The Black D eath probably originated in China. In it swept across Asia to Europe. Troubadour movement ends, and warfare and death imagery would become prevalent in European art. It would not regain levels until the 16 th century. The Moa is virtually extinct on New Zealand , about a century after "discovery" by the Maoris.

Ming Dynasty begins mounting great naval expeditions along southern Asia, which reach Africa. They do not plunder the people or lands they sail to. The last expedition is in Portuguese defeat Moors at Ceuta in North Africa.

Prince Henry subsequently encourages the study of maritime science. The Wars of the Roses, which are several dynastic civil wars that last until , begin in England. Incas conquer the imperial city of Chan Chan and the Chimoran people, completing their imperial consolidation.

Christopher Columbus eventually obtains the letter from Toscanelli that makes the suggestion. Castile and Aragon formerly united under Isabella and Ferdinand. Isabella I initiates the Spanish Inquisition , which is largely concerned with hunting down Moors and Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity, but may still practice their erstwhile faith in secret.

The conquest of the Guanches was complete in , and the Guanches became an extinct culture by Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias rounds the southern tip of Africa, and Portugal abandons the idea of reaching Asia by crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Columbus, who made a living in the Portuguese slave trade, takes his plan to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to Castile, which the experts thought was an impossible plan because the distance to Asia would be too great. His early attempts to convince the Castilian court fail.

Timeline from 14 92 Onward. Jews are given the options of conversion, expulsion, or death. In April, Columbus finally gets authorization for his doomed plan to reach Asia via the Atlantic Ocean. He stumbles into the New World in October, enslaving the first humans he meets.

Population in the Americas: The Incan Empire is at its peak in South America. Selling the Taino in the European slave markets does not work, because they quickly die upon being shipped to Europe, and the Spanish sovereigns officially frown upon the idea when it proves unprofitable. Columbus devises a tribute system to force the Taino into mining gold.

Vasco da Gama sails from Portugal to India around Africa; Arab traders cure his crew of scurvy in , and he returns in with trade specimens, including valuable spices. Portuguese ships conquer the Muslim port of Goa in India, beginning the era of Portuguese dominance along southern Asia. Portugal makes its first official sale of African slaves in the New World. He dies in , battling the natives in the Philippines, but his mission circumnavigates the planet in Charles of Spain bribes his way into becoming the Holy Roman Emperor.

Giovanni Verrazano , an Italian explorer in the employ of France, sails along the coast of North America. Epidemic sweeps through Incan Empire, kills emperor and ignites civil war. Ottoman armies lay siege to Vienna , but fail, in the greatest advance into Europe that it would make. Francisco Pizarro invades Incan Empire , kidnaps Incan emperor and sacks empire. Hernando de Soto invades southeastern North America, seeking gold. Hernando de Soto dies on banks of Mississippi River after his fruitless gold quest devastates southeastern North America.

A Portuguese expedition establishes a large colonial presence in Brazil. Catholic Church publishes its index of banned books. Index survives until the s. Portuguese Crown gives official approval to begin shipping African slaves to Brazil. Wars of Religion begin in France, a series of nine conflicts that last until Spain begins conquest of the Philippines , and establishes Manila in It is the first permanent European settlement in North America.

Ottoman sultan Suleiman dies, and the Ottoman Empire begins its long decline. Oppressive Spanish rule leads to Dutch revolt, which lasts until It might have been formed as early as CE, however.

Martin Frobisher seeks gold near Baffin Island. Spain annexes Portugal , and remains in control of it for 60 years. Castile is no longer able to produce enough food to feed its population.

Walter Raleigh establishes the ill-fated Roanoke colony. Spanish Armada is destroyed in battle with English navy. The year its Wars of Religion finally conclude, the French try to establish a colony on uninhabited Sable Island off of Nova Scotia, in a rich fishing area, and with no interference from natives or European rivals, the colony completely fails.

Spanish forces slaughter hundreds of Pueblo Indians at Acoma, in present day New Mexico, in revenge for the killing of eleven Spanish soldiers who had been plundering and raping the natives at will.

Spain ends the 16 th century probably worse off than it began it. The English East India Company is incorporated. The Dutch begin sailing to Asia for spices, and establish their own East India company in Elizabethan Era ends with the death of Elizabeth I of England.

England completes its conquest and subjugation of Ireland. English war with Spain ends, and Spain never again rises to its former imperial dominance.

Squanto , of Puritan fame, first kidnapped by the English. The first task is finding gold. With their French allies using guns, Huron warriors surprise a war party of their Mohawk rivals, with deadly effectiveness. On behalf of the Dutch, Henry Hudson, while searching for the Northwest Passage, explores the river that is named for him, in present-day New York. About four million people die in the conflict. Squanto returns as interpreter with English and discovers that his entire tribe had been wiped out by European disease.

The Dutch establish Jakarta , which becomes the center of the Asian spice trade. Squanto dies in of disease. Dutch ships seize entire Spanish silver fleet off of Cuba. The English surround Pequot village of several hundred people on the Mystic River at night, then burn it to the ground while killing nearly every inhabitant and selling the few survivors into slavery.

Three million pounds of tobacco per year are exported from present-day Virginia, reaching 17 million in Caribbean sugar growing becomes a business on Barbados, and the great period of New World sugar growing begins. New Sweden established in present-day Delaware. Japan kicks out Portuguese traders , and thereafter trades exclusively with the Dutch.

Dutch fleet defeats Spanish fleet in the English Channel. Fur trade renders the beaver extinct in the Hudson River Valley. English Civil War , also called the Puritan Revolution, begins.

It is the last significant religious conflict in Europe. Spanish army destroyed by French army at Rocroi. John Underhill successfully reproduces his strategy of strategy of surrounding Native American villages at night and annihilating all of its inhabitants.

That time, he did it under hire to the Dutch, and Manhattan's church fathers declared the second Thanksgiving to celebrate the feat. Pamunkey tribe natives who initially fed the Jamestown invaders is completely destroyed and survivors are sold into Caribbean slavery. Only 40 years after receiving military assistance from the French, the Huron tribe becomes extinct. King Charles I of England is publicly tried and beheaded.

Dutch lose their North American possessions to English. Charleston founded , which becomes the center of the early English-American slave trade. Spaniards begin their reconquest of them two years later. The revolt leads to horses becoming part of Native American life, especially benefiting the Plains Indians.

England has its Glorious Revolution, which limits the power of English sovereigns and empowers its Parliament. Twenty people executed in Salem , Massachusetts for practicing witchcraft. It was known in Europe as the War of Spanish Succession. Voltaire spends his first stint in the Bastille for his satirical writings.

His work would come to embody the ideals of the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment becomes prominent in France at about this time. Benjamin Franklin, influenced by the Iroquoian model of government, introduces his Albany Plan of Union, which sought to unite the colonies. The plan becomes the first step toward creating the USA's Constitution. Lord Jeffrey Amherst suggests deliberately introducing smallpox amongst the Native Americans who resisted the English invasion.

The subsequent epidemic kills more than , natives. The English announce the Royal Proclamation of , which forbids the American colonists to settle west of the Appalachians. Battle of Buxar establishes British rule over Bengal. The British rape of India begins.

Similar population collapse accompanies the Europeans wherever they appear in the South pacific. James Watt patents the modern steam engine. Daniel Boone begins the illegal invasion of Kentucky. Famines always greatly increased wherever Europe had colonial dominance.

James Cook makes the first visit to Antarctic icepack and surmises that it had to be formed in connection with a landmass. Boston Tea Party helps lead to the American Revolution. The American Revolution begins. Adam Smith publishes his Wealth of Nations. Within a century, fewer than 50, Hawaiians survived. Kamehameha begins conquering the Hawaiian islands by using Western arms and waging bloody battles.

It takes 13 years to complete his empire building. George Washington proposes a plan to the Continental Congress to swindle Native Americans out of their land.

His plan becomes national policy for the next century. Because of the American Revolution, England can no longer ship its criminals to North American penal colonies. Australia is picked as the next English penal colony. Great Britain claims Tasmania , and within 50 years, none of the 5, aboriginal inhabitants remain on the island. Only 43 survived in , and the last Tasmanian aborigine died in George Washington becomes the first USA's president.

Inspired by the American and French revolutions, Haitian slaves lead a successful revolution against the French colonial masters. Army suffers it greatest proportional defeat ever, at the hands of Native Americans, as it invades the Ohio River Valley.

Congress passes the Alien Act and the Sedition Act. The Sedition Act makes it a crime to criticize American government officials.

Napoleon leads overthrow of French government. He begins war with neighbors in and crowns himself Emperor in Lewis and Clark expedition sets out to reconnoiter the new territory. The expedition initiates the short-lived exploitation of the fur trade's last frontier. Spain supports Napoleon in war against Portugal, which ignites the Peninsular War that lasts until Venezuela is first Spanish colony to declare its independence , in a revolution that fails the next year.

Napoleon begins his disastrous invasion of Russia. War of begins. British troops burn Washington, D. First self-contained cotton mill is built, in Waltham, Massachusetts. The Congress of Vienna is convened by the European powers, to reestablish lines of political demarcation.

Americans establish colony to ship slaves back to Africa. In , the colony became Liberia. Brazil achieves its independence relatively peacefully. The beaver pelt trade collapses in western North America after only 30 years of exploitation.

American settlers complete theft of Texas from Mexico. The genocidal relocation becomes known as the Trail of Tears. The UK begins exploitation of China with first Opium War, and forces opium addiction on China by also forcing the Bengal region into opium production. Karl Marx presents his Communist Manifesto. California admitted to the union, and its first governor declares open season on natives. Passenger pigeon population begins collapsing. Seal fur trade collapses in North Atlantic.

Crimean War begins, in the first great struggle of the great European powers, which would eventually lead to the World Wars of the 20 th century. John Rockefeller enters the oil industry and concentrates on taking over oil refining. Revolution in Japan leads to a unified nation, and Japan begins playing catch-up with the West.

Japan forces trade agreement on Korea; similar to what Perry did to Japan in Pacific whaling industry has largely collapsed , in less than 80 years of Pacific whaling. Jews expelled from Moscow , and Jewish pogroms spread in the Russian Empire.

John Rockefeller begins rebuilding a Baptist seminary into the University of Chicago. Columbian Exhibition in Chicago, celebrating years of European presence in the New World, with the largest event attendance in world history to that time.

Japan wages a war that easily defeats China and supplants it as Korea's dominator. The gray whale is thought to be extinct at this time. The USA steals Panama from Colombia , creating the divided nation of Panama so that it can own the route for its proposed canal. World War I begins. The last passenger pigeon dies in captivity in Cincinnati. The USA invades Haiti and overthrows its government.

World War I ends. Prescott Bush , father of George Bush the First, allegedly robs the grave of Geronimo , and the remains were put on display at the Skull and Bones Society, an oligarchical secret society at Yale. George the First and Second also belong to the club.

Oil politics dominates the affair. Hitler comes to power. Franklin Roosevelt takes office as president. American industrialists try to mount a Fascist coup of the White House.

Smedley Butler writes War is a Racket. Nazi disaster at Stalingrad late in the year. Father of George Bush the First is director and shareholder of company that the USA's government seizes because it helped arm and finance Nazi Germany.

The Rockefeller Empire, which also helped Nazi Germany , escapes that fate. Third Reich ends, as well as greatest war in human history, ending with two nuclear bombs being dropped onto civilian population centers. The United Nations proposes the establishment of Israel. The USA engages in first major manipulations of post-war era, as it overthrows popular communist movements in Greece and Italy.

Israel established, and Jewish oppression of Palestinian people begins. Israel invades neighboring areas and seizes large swaths of land.

Martin Luther King, Jr. OPEC oil price shocks create worldwide cycle of inflation until the s. Vice president Agnew resigns to avoid criminal charges of bribery and income tax evasion. Nixon resigns, taken down by his own people. Gerald Ford takes office, makes Nelson Rockefeller his vice president, and pardons Nixon for alleged crimes. Jimmy Carter signs treaty to give Panama Canal back to Panama.

The Shah of Iran is overthrown in a revolution. Ronald Reagan elected president. Iraq invades Iran , beginning eight-year war. Ronald Reagan becomes president.

George Bush the First is elected president, and the next week the American people are told of the magnitude of the Savings and Loan Scandal. After actively avoiding negotiations for an Iraqi withdrawal, the USA bombs Iraq into the Stone Age, and the subsequent death toll is more than one million people. George Bush the Second comes to office in a voting scandal. Terrorist attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon. Enron Scandal makes news.

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